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Ciaobrow Brow Scrub

Ciaobrow Brow Scrub is a gentle, light scrub designed specifically for use on the eyebrows. Dead skin can build in and below the brow hair leaving the area dry & flaky.The active extracts gently exfoliate the skin and prepare the eyebrow area for applying henna, lamination, dye or other cosmetics.Our scrub leaves the skin clean and helps to create...
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Fusion henna tint

Ciaobrow FUSION has been conceived after thorough research and taking into account the inputs from our Master brow and lash trainers here at Ciaobrow. Prepared using the most innovative methods and top-quality ingredients, the Ciaobrow FUSION offers shades to cater to the requirements of clients with varied hair colours and skin tones.The innovative...
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Fusion henna tint developer 2 pack

INSTRUCTIONS Before applying the tint, clean the area around the brows/ lashes properly. Mix the tint in a 1:1 ratio with the cream developer in a non-metallic bowl. Apply on brows/ lashes for 10-15 minutesMix the tint with the developer just before application, do not mix and let the mixture sit. Use in well-ventilated areas. In the event of a...
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