Tint and Dye

Angled Thin Brow Brush

Angled Brow Tinting Brush allows for precise and seamless application of Henna, Hybrid & Regular Tints. 

Ciaobrow Brow Scrub

Ciaobrow Brow Scrub is a gentle, light scrub designed specifically for use on the eyebrows. Dead skin can build in and below the brow hair leaving the area dry & flaky.The active extracts gently exfoliate the skin and prepare the eyebrow area for applying henna, lamination, dye or other cosmetics.Our scrub leaves the skin clean and helps to create...
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Developer for Hybrid Tint 100ml

This developer cream (4%) is designed for the Eyebrow and eyelash tint of Perfect Eyelash.Thecream contains hydrogen peroxide. The mixing ratio with the paint is 1:1, for example 1 cm paint and 1 cm cream.Avoid contact with eyes, if it does come in contact with the eyes wash them out immediately.Please wear suitable gloves. For professional use...
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Fusion henna tint

Ciaobrow FUSION has been conceived after thorough research and taking into account the inputs from our Master brow and lash trainers here at Ciaobrow. Prepared using the most innovative methods and top-quality ingredients, the Ciaobrow FUSION offers shades to cater to the requirements of clients with varied hair colours and skin tones.The innovative...
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Fusion henna tint developer 2 pack

INSTRUCTIONS Before applying the tint, clean the area around the brows/ lashes properly. Mix the tint in a 1:1 ratio with the cream developer in a non-metallic bowl. Apply on brows/ lashes for 10-15 minutesMix the tint with the developer just before application, do not mix and let the mixture sit. Use in well-ventilated areas. In the event of a...

Hybrid Tint

Create beautiful eyebrows, and eyelashes, with the Hybrid Brow & Lash Eyelash Tint !This product is a hybrid tint, which means it is in between regular tint and henna.You need to mix the paint with the developer, the mixing ratio with the paint is 1:1, for example 1 cm paint and 1 cm cream.The color chart of the Eyebrow and eyelash Tint: Light...
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InLei® Pro Tint Remover InLei® Pro Tint Remover 2
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InLei® Pro Tint Remover

InLei® Pro Tint Remover InLei® Pro Tint Remover is an effective solution to remove any dye stains from the eyebrow arch and delicate skin of the face. Professional use only. 100% Made in Italy. Content: 100 ml
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InLei® Tint "Developer Cream " 1.5% 5 Vol.-oxidant in dye cream

InLei® Tint "DEVELOPER CREAM" 1.5% 5 Vol. Oxidant in dye cream InLei® DEVELOPER CREAM 1.5% 5 Vol. is a stable oxidizing emulsion designed to work in combination with LEI tinctures®. Thanks to its particular texture it ensures a quick mixing with the coloring cream and easy application on the coat. Its formulation is calibrated to 5 VOL. it guarantees a...

InLei® Tint for Eyelashes and Eyebrows with Argan Oil

InLei® Tint for Eyelashes and Eyebrows with Argan Oil Dye for eyelashes and eyebrows InLei® red with high coverage, a special colour suitable to accentuate light eyebrows or permanently colour eyelashes and eyebrows to harmonize with any hair colour. Use exclusively with the InLei activator® "DEVELOPER CREAM" 1.5% 5 VOL. Colour: red, Argan Oil Content:...
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White gel pen

Ultra smooth acid-free ink flow with a bold tip and barrel design with rubber grip. The Professional Gel Pen with High Performance will fit perfectly in your hand. High Quality & Reliable Roller-ball Featuring Water-Proof Pigment Ink & Flow System to ensure a Continuous and Consistent Marking to the Last Drop! Comfort grip for Fatigue-Free...
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