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Wearing the apron can well protect your clothes from getting dirty without affecting your normal working.Halter-neck style and sleeveless design, 2 hip pockets, neck strap adjustable.
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Depilation Roll 100m

Manufactured from high-quality material, do not soak or flake. SIZE: 7cm X 100m

Everlasting Waxing Stick by Suzanne Egan

No more wooden wax sticks.Say hello to the everlasting Waxing Stick from Suzanne Egan, it is sleek, stylish and reusable not only it is simple to clean and disinfect between uses making it hygienic, eco-friendly and better for the environment.

Gold Brow Scissors by Suzanne Egan

Small & Gold these tough little Brow Scissors will trim even the tiniest hairs, refining your brows and keeping them neat.To use: Brush the brow hair upwards using a spoolie brush and trim any excess hair above the brow's existing shape.1pcs

Gold Slanted Tweezer by Suzanne Egan

A professional gold tweezer for effortless brow grooming.Expertly crafted with the highest quality stainless steel, Precision Tweezers feature calibrated tension and a slanted tip to tweeze even the finest hairs without breaking the hair on the skin.Designed for long-lasting performance, Precision Tweezers are an essential tool for flawless brow maintenance.

InLei® Helper 2.0 Revolutionary Comb

InLei® Helper 2.0 Revolutionary Comb for Thin Eyelashes InLei® Helper is a practical comb that helps to lay out, divide and straighten the eyelashes on the silicone curler during the Lash Lift and Lash Filler treatments. Comfortable and practical shape indispensable for precision work. Version 2.0 specifically for very thin eyelashes. 18 teeth, Ergonomic...
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Italian Removable Aluminium Capsules for Glowax Heater

The package contains removable Aluminum capsules, to be inserted into the wax heater before pouring in the Glowax granules.Important: never use the wax heater without the removable cup; the device may be damaged and the wax may overheat

Italwax Cans/Tins for Film Wax 400ml/800ml

Italwax Cans for Film Wax 400ml/800ml *** Please mention size in your order comments. Choose between 400ml or 800ml Used as containers for melting Film Wax in granules or tablets. With a plastic lid.

Italwax Spatula Holder

Italwax Spatula Holder   Please note the holder comes without spatulas! They can be bought separately!
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Italwax Wax Equipment Cleaner

Italwax Wax Equipment Cleaner  Wax and paraffin equipment is created to remove residual wax from cosmetic utensils’ surfaces, heaters, spatulas, and other surfaces.   Product form: 500 ml
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Lash Lift Tool by Suzanne Egan

Advanced Elevate Lash Lift Tool Designed by Suzanne Egan  Our unique Advanced Elevate  Lash Lift Tool is designed with intricate grooves on both sides to lift the lashes precisely in place effortlessly. Enabling much quicker treatment times and increased lash definition helps you deliver the perfect lash lift for your clients.
Mixer tool
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Mixer tool

Mixer Tool ideal for mixing tints, henna or stains

Sharp Pointed Tweezer by Suzanne Egan

A professional gold precision pointed tweezer the tips are hand-filed and perfectly aligned, closing evenly and firmly to remove hair from the root for effortless brow grooming.Expertly crafted with the highest quality stainless steel,  our precision pointed tweezers feature calibrated tension and a pointed tip to tweeze even the finest hairs without...
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