Angled Thin Brow Brush

Angled Brow Tinting Brush allows for precise and seamless application of Henna, Hybrid & Regular Tints. 

Everlasting Waxing Stick by Suzanne Egan

No more wooden wax sticks.Say hello to the everlasting Waxing Stick from Suzanne Egan, it is sleek, stylish and reusable not only it is simple to clean and disinfect between uses making it hygienic, eco-friendly and better for the environment.

Gold Brow Scissors by Suzanne Egan

Small & Gold these tough little Brow Scissors will trim even the tiniest hairs, refining your brows and keeping them neat.To use: Brush the brow hair upwards using a spoolie brush and trim any excess hair above the brow's existing shape.1pcs

Gold Slanted Tweezer by Suzanne Egan

A professional gold tweezer for effortless brow grooming.Expertly crafted with the highest quality stainless steel, Precision Tweezers feature calibrated tension and a slanted tip to tweeze even the finest hairs without breaking the hair on the skin.Designed for long-lasting performance, Precision Tweezers are an essential tool for flawless brow maintenance.

InLei® Art Collection Set of Professional Brushes

InLei® Art Collection Set of Professional Brushes  Professional brushes, made to measure in collaboration with a historic Italian brush factory. This kit contains three brushes with different tips: "VINCENT", "PICASSO" and "LEONARDO". Tip: fine in synthetic bristles of plum color. Wear-resistant, balanced softness, color hold, elasticity. Handles:...
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Italwax Spatula Holder

Italwax Spatula Holder   Please note the holder comes without spatulas! They can be bought separately!
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Laminator brush

The Lash Laminator tool is worldwide a game changer for lash lift treatments.The unique tool is in many aspects a must-have lash-lifting tool Now you do not need plenty of tools to make the correct and quick laying of the eyelashes on the shield. The laminator easily lifts the lashes. Makes excellent lash tension and separates them. Copes with any...
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Lamitta Lash Lift Brush Kit

The Lash Lift Brush Kit by Lamitta offers a comprehensive set of tools necessary for achieving a flawless lash lift with every step from the wrapping process to the tinting application.

Lash Lift Tool by Suzanne Egan

Advanced Elevate Lash Lift Tool Designed by Suzanne Egan  Our unique Advanced Elevate  Lash Lift Tool is designed with intricate grooves on both sides to lift the lashes precisely in place effortlessly. Enabling much quicker treatment times and increased lash definition helps you deliver the perfect lash lift for your clients.

Sharp Pointed Tweezer by Suzanne Egan

A professional gold precision pointed tweezer the tips are hand-filed and perfectly aligned, closing evenly and firmly to remove hair from the root for effortless brow grooming.Expertly crafted with the highest quality stainless steel,  our precision pointed tweezers feature calibrated tension and a pointed tip to tweeze even the finest hairs without...

White gel pen

Ultra smooth acid-free ink flow with a bold tip and barrel design with rubber grip. The Professional Gel Pen with High Performance will fit perfectly in your hand. High Quality & Reliable Roller-ball Featuring Water-Proof Pigment Ink & Flow System to ensure a Continuous and Consistent Marking to the Last Drop! Comfort grip for Fatigue-Free...
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