Italwax Cans/Tins for Film Wax 400ml/800ml

Italwax Cans for Film Wax 400ml/800ml *** Please mention size in your order comments. Choose between 400ml or 800ml Used as containers for melting Film Wax in granules or tablets. With a plastic lid.

Italwax Electric Heater For Hot Film Wax 'Mini Tin' - 300 ML

Italwax Electric Heater For Hot Film Wax 'Mini Tin' - 300 ML The light, compact electric heater “MINI TIN” is designed for heating hot film wax to the required temperature (45 degrees). The heater with a full tin of wax (200 g) will reach max temperature in 30 min. At the end of the warming period, the heater may be disconnected from the cord, and the...

Italwax Heater for 1 Cartridge 'Shape'

Italwax Heater for 1 Cartridge 'Shape'  The Brown and white heater is curved, which allows the better grip with a hand and more comfortable use. Has a window for checking the wax level and power indicator. Has the logo “Italwax” on it, and is packed in an “Italwax” branded box.

Italwax Wax Equipment Cleaner

Italwax Wax Equipment Cleaner  Wax and paraffin equipment is created to remove residual wax from cosmetic utensils’ surfaces, heaters, spatulas, and other surfaces.   Product form: 500 ml
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